Johnson Taekwon-Do


Johnson’s Taekwon do school has been in operation for over twenty years. Our main focus has always been on helping students overcome their obstacles. Mr. Johnson is a certified sith degree black belt from the International Taekwon-Do   federation. He has over 35 years of training and teaching experience and has owned and operated the school since 1992. He has trained and studied under noted Korean master instructors – including J.J. Lee (Calgary, AB), T.S. Kwon (formerly of Victoria BC), Park Jong Soo (Toronto, ON) and Park Do Song (formerly of Ottawa, ON).

All are distinguished by their service to the spread of Taekwon-do internationally and in Canada. Mr. Johnson is a first generation recipient of their Korean training methods and technical knowledge.

The rank of fourth degree was granted to Mr. Johnson upon examination by the discerning and critical eye of the founder of Taekwon-Do, the late General Choi Hong Hi. And the rank of sixth degree was granted by Firs Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha. Mr. Johnson inspires all of his students to take this martial art seriously – to train hard, move strategically and intelligently to defend oneself and above all, to discipline the mind and the body will follow.

Johnsnon’s Taekwon Do does not focus on creating athletes, but rather focus on building spirit above all else.