Johnson Taekwon-Do

Registration in regards to our programs that are administered through the City of Ottawa can be paid through cash, credit and debit. Any receipt can be obtained through the front desk at any community center.

Registration for programs administered through the City of Ottawa can be completed here. 

Any registration or purchases directly made through Johnson’s Taekwon Do can be paid by cash, cheque or by e-transfer. In order to minimize any additional fees for our member we currently unable to provide payment methods through debit and credit. Receipts can be provided at anytime. To obtain your receipt please email Mr. Hanna at

To make payment through e-transfer please follow the following steps:

  1. Setup Johnson’s Taekwon Do as a recipient by following the steps requested on your online banking. Please ensure to use as the recipient’s email.
  2. Ensure that the answer to the requested question is JTKD.
  3. in the message box please be sure to complete the following details:
    1. From who? – Student’s full name and parent’s name where applicable
    2. For what? – i.e classes, hoodie, equipment etc.
    3. If needed request for receipt and one will be emailed to you.
    4. Additional details that you may think are necessary