Johnson Taekwon-Do

Black Belt Testing

At Johnson’s Taekwon Do we aspire that each student becomes the best possible version of themselves. In order to assist with such development, instructors must continue to be diligent in teaching Taekwon Do in its entirety. Being a Black Belt and wearing a Black Belt are two very different things. Being a Black Belt implies that the individual not only understands, but also appreciates the dedication that is required in attaining such rank in addition to the obligation that comes with the rank. In order for Johnson’s Taekwon Do to confidently grant such rank, the student must demonstrate that they understand the difference between being a Black Belt and wearing a Black Belt. For a student to be eligible for any degree of Black Belt testing, a written request must be submitted 30 days prior to the requested test date. Your request must state the following:
1. Minimum Age:  No one below the age 14 can be considered for Black Belt testing
2. Accreditation: Each Student must complete 5 tournaments and 5 seminars or a combination of 10 with no less than 2 tournaments. (Specific dates and time are not mandatory however preferred. A general overview will be taken into consideration).
3. Community Service: Each Student must have completed a minimum of 200 hours of community Service. (Between the ages of 14-25)
4. Goals and Achievement: No goal or achievement is ever to small to make note of. Students are expected to keep track of their goals and achievements whether it be academic, athletic, personal or professional. (Between the ages of 14-25)
5. Hours of Assisting: Each student with the rank of Red belt and above must complete 50 hours of assisting with teaching, this includes assisting with a full class or commencing class. (this time around for 1st Dan and above)
6. Why do you feel that you have earned the privilege of being a Black Belt?
Your request must be a minimum of 1 page and no longer than 3 pages. Bullets 1 through 5 can be written in a resume format or incorporated into the answer you provide in bullet 6. Time New Roman, 12 point font and double spaced is required. You can either submit a printed copy or send it electronically.
Once your request has been reviewed and approved you will receive your official letter of testing containing all details. 


Fundamentals are performed up and down the floor. All technique from white belt to current level is required to be performed)

  • Basic Technique
  • Kicking (Stationary or up and down the floor)


Each student is required to know all of their patterns. At time of test they student may be asked to perform all the patterns from white belt to their current level.


Step Sparring

  • 3 and 2 Step Sparring 3 – 5 sequences each
  • 1 Step Sparring performed randomly
  • Model Sparring 3- 5 Sequences
  • Free Sparring – 2 on 1 and 3 on 1 sparring may be required for 2nd Dan and above testing.

Self Defense

Students must demonstrate controled and practical defense against certain holds or knife attacks. Attacks are not pre planned and are at the examiner’s discreation. Studement must show proper use of defense by utilizing, Attack, Break and/or Release.


Must complete at least:

  • 1 Power (hand / foot – examiner to determine at time of testing)
  • 1 Special (must be in air technique)
    • 1st Dan and above must demonstrate 2 boards in the air
  • Any other break requested


An essay question will be given either before or at time of test to complete. The question is at the examiner’s discretion.